Evaporative Cooling Big Ass Fans

Keeping our facility cooler than the competition
By Hanna Galvis
March 21, 2023
Evaporative Cooling Big Ass Fans

CrossFit eXalted further strengthens its partnership with Big Ass Fans. New at eXalted is a fast acting and powerful evaporative cooler. The “swamp cooler” uses water evaporation to reduce temperatures in an eco-friendly format. This technology allows for fast spot-cooling by lowering temperatures by as much as 33 °F, without consuming large amounts of energy.

Evaporative Cooling Fans
Regular Fan

These cool-space coolers are made to be quiet and portable while keeping airflow clean. When we combine the cool-space evaporative coolers with the industrial overhead fans, temperatures decrease dramatically. 

Evaporative Cooling Big Fans
Evaporative Cooler

We know Florida is extremely hot in the Summer, so we felt it was important to incorporate this important addition to our facility. We want to make your experience at CrossFit eXalted the very best it can be. Our athletes love the heat of Florida to condition them. We hope they will also enjoy a little evaporative cooling. 

CrossFit eXalted is a functional fitness facility located in Sanford, Florida. We offer unique classes and programming with personalized training to keep you safe on your fitness journey. It’s the only CrossFit affiliate in Central Florida with 6 CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coaches,  a Level 3 Certified Coach that leads our eXalted Games Team, plus two 5 star rated 8+ years of experience Level 2 Certified Coaches. A top 5 games athlete, Jeff Adler, has made eXalted his gym when he is in the United States. CrossFit eXalted is a community built on its members' drive and commitment. 

Big Ass Fans offers a large line of airflow products to maximize comfort in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. They specialize in airflow efficiency with HVLS and directional fans, evaporative coolers, and heaters. Focusing on comfort, quality, design, Big Ass Fans has proven that its products with significantly increase indoor air quality leading to a more productive workforce, happier customers, and lower energy bills. Their airflow experts are customer-focused and solution driven.

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