CrossFit eXalted Places 1st in Sofas 'N Suds Couch Race

CrossFit eXalted's team is powered by Real Street Tactical/Performance
By Hanna Galvis
March 21, 2023
CrossFit eXalted Places 1st in Sofas 'N Suds Couch Race

The West End Trading Company hosted the 10th Annual Sofas ‘N Suds Couch Racing and Beer Chasing event in downtown Sanford January 22nd from 2-6PM. This is the 1st year that CrossFit eXalted competed in this exciting, unique event in Sanford. The CrossFit eXalted team was powered by Real Street Tactical. Real Street Tactical is a new firearms company and shooting range located in Sanford, Florida and affiliated with Real Street Performance who supplies parts for racers all over the world. Our goal at CrossFit eXalted is to help people perform safe and functional fitness, and it's fantastic to see this reflected in our team's success. As an 11 year old nationally recognized CrossFit Affiliate and one of the oldest CrossFit Facilities in Central Florida, we feel we have some of the fittest residents in Central Florida.

Sofa 'N Sud Couch Race

Congratulations to CrossFit eXalted for winning the Sofas 'N Suds Couch Racing and Beer Chasing event. It's impressive that eXalted was able to participate for the first time ever and come out on top. The support from members was fantastic and the teamwork abilities of the team, powered by Real Street Tactical, helped them secure their 1st place victory. It's great to see the community coming together to support and celebrate the success of our team.

This is the final championship race of the event.

We had tons of members come out to support our team this past year! It is great to see our members come together and support each other at events like this.  We had 3 head coaches and 1 member of eXalted pushing our couch. Another member sat on the couch and steered. We appreciate the support from our members and look forward to participating in the exciting annual event again in the future!


Real Street Tactical is a new firearms company and shooting range located in Sanford, Florida. The leadership team has owned and operated business in the local area for more than 16 years, and has always been customer service focused first and foremost. Their love for firearms and firearms education has led them to serving fellow gun owners and enthusiasts in Sanford and the surrounding central Florida area.

!st lace in Sofas 'N' Suds Couch Race

CrossFit eXalted is a functional fitness facility located in Sanford, Florida. We offer unique classes and programming with personalized training to keep you safe on your fitness journey. It’s the only CrossFit affiliate in Central Florida with 6 CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coaches,  a Level 3 Certified Coach that leads our eXalted Games Team, plus two 5 star rated 8+ years of experience Level 2 Certified Coaches. A top 5 games athlete, Jeff Adler, has made eXalted his gym when he is in the United States. CrossFit eXalted is a community built on its members' drive and commitment.

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