Crossfit Competitions

Competing has an option for everybody no matter where they are in their fitness journey. There are divisions for beginners through experts.
By Hanna Galvis
Stone Jorquera
July 11, 2022
Crossfit Competitions

Let's talk a little bit about competing. There are a couple of competitions coming up,Atlantic Coast Classic,Vanguard, and our own WODs of Fury. We have members of eXalted compete at all the major events which we think is crucial to a gym that has a competitive atmosphere. When you work out in front of a group of 20 or 30 people you want to be able to not only push yourself. But you also want to push past those limits when you’re surrounded by people that have the same goals in the same mindset. It is inspiring and it gets you wanting to improve yourself in ways that you never thought possible. It also includes doing things outside of your comfort zone and in a competitive state. It might be something you don’t necessarily wanna do. But after you’ve done it you're gonna love it. Competitions foster and develop new relationships with friends. Competitions can take you all over the world internationally. What an incredible experience. It’s really about your limits and breaking those boundaries.

Competing has an option for everybody no matter where they are in their fitness journey.  There are divisions for beginner, scaled, intermediate, RX, RX elite, masters, grandmasters, adaptive, and kids. No matter where you are you have the ability to compete and show off your skills. Check out this guy with one arm doing a clean and jerk at 225 pounds over his head.

Join eXalted Members competing 

eXalted Games Team

Megan Hansen 

Danny Wymer

Adaptive Athlete

Dalkin Gomez

WOD Fathers

Joe Orr

Jeff Beierschmitt

Paul Miller

eXalted Competition Team

Stone Jorquera

Lacy Boyd 

Bryce Fegers

Anthony Stuart

Cody Kehrt

Jon Russ

Megan Menges

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