InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer New at CrossFit eXalted

eXalted's Full Body Scanner to measure your body composition
By Hanna Galvis
March 21, 2023
InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer New at CrossFit eXalted

CrossFit eXalted now offers full InBody Scanning. eXalted is the ONLY CrossFit affiliate in Lake Mary and Sanford that has an InBody 570 Scanner. The InBody 570 offers advanced full body analysis with several features, which can’t compare to the lower entry level InBody 270. The InBody test is essential to understanding key components about your body especially when training and working towards your fitness goals.

What exactly is an InBody Test?

An InBody test examines your body composition including percentage of body fat, muscle distribution, and body water balance, even breaking down total water data into intracellular and extracellular water to understand your fluid distribution. It is able to analyze each segment of the body to give you a proper assessment of your body composition. The scan is very simple and quick. It takes about 45 seconds, and all you need to do is simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes. The scanner then prints a one page analysis of your entire body composition.

Composition Analyzer

What is measured in an InBody 570 scan?

The scan will give you a full page breakdown of several elements.

1. Body composition analysis

2. Muscle-fat analysis

3. Obesity analysis

4. Segmental Lean analysis

5. ECW/TBW analysis (extracellular water to total body water)

6. Body composition history with the ability to track data monthly

7. Body fat-lean body mass control

8. Segmental fat analysis

9. Basal metabolic rate

10. Visceral fat level

Why should I have an InBody Scan?

1. Tracking Progress: By measuring your body composition at regular intervals, you can track changes in your muscle mass, fat mass, and body water content over time. This will help you see your results and make adjustments to your training plan.

2. Identify Imbalances: An InBody Scan can reveal imbalances in your body composition such as too much body fat or not enough muscle mass. The information can help you identify areas to focus your fitness goals.

3. Monitor Health Risks: Excess body fat can increase your risk of health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. You can identify if you are at risk and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle after your scan.

4. Tailoring Your Fitness Program: Knowing your body composition can help you tailor your fitness program to your specific needs and goals.

5. Tracking Hydration Status: By measuring body water content, you can monitor your hydration status, which is important for overall health, energy levels, and recovery.

The Inbody Test

How do you interpret all these results?

The InBody test is essential to understanding key components about your body especially when training and working towards your fitness goals. This gives you the ability to track your improvements month to month creating quantitative data to record and visualize. We recommend having a consultation with one of our certified coaches to breakdown what your scan means for you and how you can use it to track your progress towards your fitness goals.

Click here to schedule your 1st scan for $50.

Click here if you would like to become part of our monthly plan that is $30 per month for 1 scan per month.

Click here to purchase a 5 pack of scans for $150 to have access to 5 InBody scans anytime.

CrossFit eXalted is a functional fitness facility located in Sanford, Florida. We offer unique classes and programming with personalized training to keep you safe on your fitness journey. It’s the only CrossFit affiliate in Central Florida with 6 CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coaches,  a Level 3 Certified Coach that leads our eXalted Games Team, plus two 5 star rated 8+ years of experience Level 2 Certified Coaches. A top 5 games athlete, Jeff Adler, has made eXalted his gym when he is in the United States. CrossFit eXalted is a community built on its members' drive and commitment.

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