CrossFit: The World's Best Fitness Program

Why is CrossFit the best form of exercise?
By Hanna Galvis
September 6, 2023
CrossFit: The World's Best Fitness Program

CrossFit is a high intensity functional fitness program based on a foundation combining elements of bodyweight exercises, strength and conditioning, endurance training, weightlifting, and gymnastic based exercises. It can provide a wide range of benefits for your overall health and fitness. It offers several benefits including improved cardiovascular fitness, increased strength and muscle tone, and whole body fitness and health.

The World's Best Fitness Program

Every workout can be customized or scaled to be unique for you. It is accessible and welcoming for anyone new to CrossFit or familiar with the sport. Not only does it train your body physically, but it also develops your mental toughness. Workouts are sometimes challenging and help build both physical and mental resilience.

CrossFit focuses on functional movements that are used in everyday life to help improve your mobility, stability, and balance. They also offer a variety of exercises that keep your workouts interesting and help prevent boring, monotonous gym routines. You can measure your progress and growth very easily unlike other sports.

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CrossFit eXalted is built on a foundation of community based on its members' drive and commitment. This community aspect is what makes it the best fitness program. Our members support and motivate one another inside and outside the gym. CrossFit Boxes are built on family and togetherness where members can train and compete together. This sense of comradery creates motivation and accountability in a fulfilling environment.

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Coach Mike, Coach Adam, Coach Amy, Coach Meagan, Coach Caleb, and Coach Dirty

CrossFit eXalted is the best representation of all the aspects that make up CrossFit. One thing that makes us stand out amongst other facilities is our coaching staff. Coaching is a big part of CrossFit that impacts your experience tremendously. Our coaches build a personal connection with members focusing on how to keep them safe and motivate them in the right ways. Our coaches have found their sense of purpose and meaning in coaching at eXalted.

At CrossFit eXalted we focus on your personalized fitness journey that helps you train for life. This a unique property only found in CrossFit and at our facility. CrossFit eXalted is a functional fitness facility located in Sanford, Florida. We offer unique classes and programming with personalized training to keep you safe on your fitness journey. It’s the only CrossFit affiliate in Central Florida with 5 CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coaches,  a Level 3 Certified Coach that leads our eXalted Games Team, plus two 5 star rated 8+ years of experience Level 2 Certified Coaches. A top 5 games athlete, Jeff Adler, has made eXalted his home gym in the United States.

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