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This Program Is For You If:

You're a beginner needing expert, personalized guidance to start your fitness journey.
You're keen to understand the principles of fitness and nutrition for a long-term commitment to health.
You value accountability and support on your path to achieving your fitness goals.
You're looking for a supportive community that champions each member's fitness journey.

If any of the statements above apply to you, we want to help take control of your health and nutrition and fitness

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Many clients we’ve worked with in the past have struggled with their fitness and nutrition goals due to a few common challenges.

They got confused by too much information and misleading advice.

They joined a gym where the coaches didn't teach proper form and they got injured.

They tried to work out on their own but didn't have the motivation or accountability to stick with it.

This led to low levels of energy, confusion, injuries, and eventually, quitting.

Not only did this approach make them feel exhausted and frustrated, but it also set them up for failure since it's simply not sustainable in the long term.

We realized that these failures weren't because of a lack of effort, but because of the wrong approach.

So, that’s when we created our 30-day Mentorship.





If you’re after real change – not the sort of change you see for a couple of weeks, but real, sustainable results – then you’ve come to the right place.

Our approach is grounded in honesty and integrity as we believe in providing real, sustainable solutions, not quick fixes. We commit to guiding each client with personalized strategies that enable them to embrace a healthier lifestyle, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.


Nutrition should be at the top of your agenda if you’re serious about achieving the results you want – whether that’s fat loss, building. We will show you how to fuel your body with the nutrition it needs.


Understand how and why to make certain changes to your lifestyle. You'll get access to lessons on nutrition basics, exercise techniques, and other performance-related topics.


The training plan includes the best types of exercises to focus on. There is plenty of choice – so you can switch up your routine regularly, both to avoid boredom and to keep challenging your body.


Getting the right level of support will make a big difference to you achieving your goal. You'll get regular communication with your coach or encouragement from our online community.


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win method

The WIN Method

What we want to give you is clarity. You won’t find any fad diets or misinformation here, just sensible ideas and recommendations for a healthier approach to nutrition and training, and advice on how supplements can help plug the gaps in your diet.

What we eat largely determines how we perform and what we look like. We will help you to train your brain to think of food differently. By learning the fundamentals of good nutrition, you can change your habits.
power method

The POWER Method

We created the POWER method based off scientific principles with the goal of getting our clients results and keeping them injury free. No fluff, no gimmicks.

Each 4-week cycle is based on the progressive overload principle, which basically means that you'll gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as you progress through the weeks. You’ll also see other week to week progressions like increasing sets, decreasing rest time, or adding reps. Do the work and see results.
power method



When I started meeting with Adam I found it very useful that we set macro goals and put together example days with foods I would eat. Each week we made tweaks and brainstormed how to change my diet. It wasn't a crash diet. It was a sustainable change in the foods I eat every day and a focus on movement. It is easy to let that not be a focus when life gets busy, but having weekly calls kept it a focus. I'm so happy to have reached my goal weight after losing over 30 pounds! Most importantly the pattern of eating and movement is just my everyday now. Having Adam as a coach made that possible!

Susan N.



1. What if I'm new to working out?
No problem! Your plan is tailored to your goals and abilities. Rome wasn't built in a day. We'll never prescribe a workout beyond your capabilities. This doesn't mean it will be easy, but it will be achievable.


2. How often do I communicate with my coach?
We are in constant communication via our POWER app. You use biofeedback forms, form check videos and bi-weekly check-ins via zoom. This is where we will review your food log, exercise journal, wins and areas of improvement. Your plan evolves with you.


3. Can I still eat foods I enjoy?
Of course! Every food has its place in a diet, in moderation. If we remove all the foods you enjoy, we would be setting you up for failure. The goal is to make the biggest impact by making the smallest changes.


4. What happens if I can't follow the program?
There's no such thing as can't. We will give you all the necessary tools to progress on your wellness journey. If you trip up or wander off, we will re-evaluate your plan and slow down the process. The goal is to build long term sustainable habits.


Make the choice of putting your health first. Let us help you reach your goal through a balanced focus on nutrition, fitness and self care.
✔ Nutrition Plan – You will receive a custom meal plan, macro targets and nutrition resources. As your body changes, so will your nutrition plan.
✔ Training Plan – A training plan based on your goals, abilities and limitations. We will create the perfect balance of challenge and support.
✔ Education – The goal is to teach you how to fish so you eventually don't need a coach. You'll get hundreds of lessons, guides, exercise demos and more.
✔ Accountability – We are here to guide you every step of the way. Think of us as your fitness financial advisor, guiding you towards a healthier future.



If you put in the work and you're not absolutely satisfied with our program, we will give you your money back. We are this confident in our ability to give you the results you want.
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