Friday – 022417

New member Pat teamed up with Ian last week for the Wednesday team workout, welcome Pat!

The 2017 CrossFit Games Open has begun!  This is our first workout this year.  The blogs will be posted later than usual on Thursday nights because I don’t know what the workout is until a little bit after 8 o’clock.  I will do my best to program a good warm-up for each workout, one that is catered specifically to the demands of the workout.  You will notice some weeks (including this one) I might change the workout for anyone who is not signed up for the Open.  On these weeks, you may do the Open workout if you desire but there might be a few that will be changed based on coach’s discretion.  As we get further into the Open, we do plan on doing a few “Friday Night Lights” events to get everyone involved.

Warm-up/Injury Prevention
Run 400 meters, then 3 rounds not for time:
15 protract/retract push-ups
15 muscle snatches with empty bar
10 good mornings with empty bar

Spend a few minutes, performing our laterally distracted hip mobilization.

Workout of the Day
Workout 17.1
For time:
10 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
20 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
30 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
40 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
50 dumbbell snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs

Men use 50-lb. dumbbell and 24-in. box

Time cap: 20 minutes

If you are not taking part in the open, you can still do the Open workout if you desire.  If not you will do the “B” version: 5 rounds for time of 20 dumbbell snatches, and 15 burpee box jump overs.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Thursday – 022317

Unlocking your thoracic spine by doing stretches like Andres is demonstrating here can have a positive impact on several positions that are important in CrossFit. Overhead, front rack, and an upright chest in the bottom of your squat can all benefit if you have better movement in your T-spine.

Split Jerk
Find your 2 rep max.
Pause Split Jerk + Split Jerk

With the pause jerk, you will pause for 2 seconds in the bottom of the dip portion of the jerk. Focus on upright posture, good balance, fast feet, and bar path.

Compare to 072816.

Workout of the Day
In 15 minutes:
Perform 60 pistols.
Then in remaining time, do AMRAP of
5 bar facing burpees
3 snatches (155/108)
1 rope climb

You are capped on the pistols at the 5 minute mark and however many you got through will be denoted in the comments on the whiteboard.  If you can’t climb the rope, you will do 3 rope pulls.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Wednesday – 022217

Want to bullet proof your midline/lower back?  Loosen up the psoas, piriformis, and QL.  THEN repeat after me: stabilize, stabilize, stabilize.

Skill/Mobility Day
Take this time to practice a skill or learn a mobilization you should be doing. Ask your coach for help with a specific movement or area, don’t ask your coach: “uhhhhhh so what should I be doing?” Plenty of us should be working on improving our muscle-ups, kip, mobility, etc. . .

Workout of the Day
10 rounds on the Assault Bike:
1 minute max calories
1 minute off

Score is total calories.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Tuesday – 022117

Thanks to coach Hannah, Amanda can now do bar muscle-ups!

Warm-up/Injury Prevention
3 rounds not for time:
30 seconds of CrossFit Endurance wall drill
8 single arm kettlebell presses (per arm)
8 good mornings with empty barbell
6 pull-up retractions (hold 1 second at the top, hold a deep stretch in the bottom for 6 seconds)


90 seconds of a bird/dog hold switching sides every 15 seconds

Workout of the Day
AMRAP in 25 minutes:
12 chest-to-bar pull-ups
9 handstand push-ups
6 deadlifts (315/223)
300 meter run

Scale the pull-ups as normal.  Keep the CTB but cut the reps down if needbe.  Instead of handstand push-ups, you will do dumbbell push presses.  The deadlifts should be the heaviest you have done in a workout before, but broken up no more than twice each round.  And yes, we have a 300 meter mark now.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Monday – 022017

Solid bridge from Cassie during Turkish get-ups. Done for quality and/or load, get-ups can demonstrate and train excellent mid line stability.

Back Squat
Find your 6 rep max.
E2MOM (every second minute on the minute) for 20 minutes:
Perform 6 back squats from the rack. Go as heavy as you can, aim to increase weight each of the last 5 rounds or so, ending with a 6 rep max. Warm-up before the E2MOM starts so you don’t start too light. Remember, one of the ways we build strength is by doing a good amount of volume at heavy weight. We don’t build strength by doing 8 light rounds and then making huge jumps and making only the last two rounds challenging, that’s how we get hurt.

Workout of the Day
Inspired by CrossFit Linchpin,
2 rounds for time:
50 double-unders
15 power cleans (135/93)
50 double-unders
15 push jerks

This workout is capped at 16 minutes.  The power cleans and push jerks need to be manageable.  It should be a weight you could handle the push jerks in two sets.  If you can’t do double-unders, you will do 75 single-unders instead.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.