Tuesday – 030315


Tom, who won the 1 minute max distance row contest at Cars for the Cure has started his free month! His wife, Katie won it for the female side.

Warm-up/Injury Prevention
3 rounds for quality:
10 Bent over kettlebell rows
10 Hip extensions on GHD (weighted if possible)
8 Strict pull-ups
8 Narrow grip overhead squats

Workout of the Day
5 rounds:
In 3 minutes, perform 20 wall-balls (20/14), then perform AMRAP in remaining time of
5 Muscle-ups
30 Double-unders

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

If you cannot do muscle-ups, you will do 6 dips or 8 kettlebell push-ups.  Scale the push-up down from there.

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Monday – 030215


Rest in Peace, Analise.

Back Squat
Find your 5 rep max.

Workout of the Day
6 Rounds for time
Run 200 meters
20 KBS (55/35)
20 Burpees

This workout is named in honor of Analise Dlugasch.  Analise was a member of CrossFit Threshold, an affiliate located down in Miami.  We have been asked by Chris Holt, the owner of CFT to honor her memory by programming this workout.  She passed away Saturday after being in a coma since Thanksgiving.  Analise was 25 years old and a HUGE part of the Threshold community.  She had trained there since she was a young teenager and her entire family are members at CF Threshold.  We are so sorry for your loss and may Analise rest in peace.

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Friday – 022716

YouTube Preview Image

And so it begins. . .

3 rounds NOT for time:
15 Russian kettlebell swings
10 PVC shoulder dislocates
6 Kettlebell RDL’s
6 Kettlebell goblet squats

Workout of the Day
CrossFit Games Open workout 15.1
15 toes-to-bars
10 deadlifts (115 / 75 lb.)
5 snatches (115 / 75 lb.)
CrossFit Games Open workout 15.1a
1-rep-max clean and jerk
6-minute time cap

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Thursday – 022615


New member Molly setting up for a clean during “The Chief.”

The Open starts tonight which means we have no idea what the workout is going to be on Friday.  CrossFit doesn’t release the Open workout for the week until tonight.  We will program the Open workout as our own workout on Fridays to give every one the chance during the day to do it.  This means that Thursday’s workouts may seem a little. . .different for the next 5 weeks.

Hip Thrust
Find your 5 rep max.

This will more likely be a practice session for this movement.  Going heavy is not too dangerous, but it will the first time many of you try it.  We decided to program it because we have noticed some people having excessive back tension during squatting movements.  One thing that could be causing this is improper hip extensor activation.  This exercise not only retrains those hip extensors to fire, but builds massive strength in them.

Workout of the Day
For time:
Row 2000 meters
Every two minutes, complete 8 handstand push-ups.

If you cannot do handstand push-ups, you are just going to a normal 2k row and I would like you to stay a little bit after and practice something that will improve your handstand push-ups.

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Wednesday – 022515


Caleb doing a great job showing off what he learned in kids class with the adults performing a solid power snatch + overhead squat.

  • Since we have had a lot of people asking about what kind of ZMA we would recommend, we ordered a limited supply of one of Coach Will’s favorite brands.  This particular brand comes with 5-HTP to help with sleep even more.  If you don’t know what ZMA is and would like to sleep/recover better, ask one of your coaches about it.  They cost $25 for a three month supply.  
  • Don’t forget, Hannah’s gymnastics seminar is this Sunday.  If you have been dying to learn how to string those muscle-ups or pull-ups better, this is the perfect opportunity to get some coaching from a specialist.

30 Muscle-ups for Time or
Continue with Chest-to-bar progression: 7 sets of 8 reps with 60 seconds rest.
Strict chest-to-bar pull-up strengthening.

Workout of the Day
“The Chief”
Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power cleans (135 lb)
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute then repeat, for a total of 5 cycles.

This is a great workout, but if you would rather practice a skill/learn how to do something, just ask.

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