Wednesday – 081617

Doug on his way back from the eX Loop. Doug has made leaps and bounds in his fitness and skill level in the short time he’s been here. He is the perfect person to ask about the results from being an eXalted member.

Injury Prevention
3 rounds of
10 protract/retract push-ups
10 rig assisted band rows w/1 sec pause
1 min OH barbell hold- they choose weight
20 hollow rocks

Workout of the Day
4 rounds for time
400m run
500m row
10 burpees over the rower

This workout is capped at 25 minutes.  This means on average, a round can’t take you any longer than about 6 minutes.  Consider running 300 meters or cutting the distance down on the row to make sure you don’t get capped.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.