Wednesday – 012417

WELCOME to the new!  We are still dealing with some minor hiccups but we are live and pretty much fully operational!  Thanks for your patience!  Along with a new website comes an announcement of a new 6 week Macrostax Nutrition Challenge.  Starting February 12th, this is the PERFECT way to get yourself kick started into getting where you want to be for the warmer months.  If you have any questions, let me know.  The cost of the will be $75 and it includes:

  1. Access to Macrostax for up to 8 weeks
  2. Individual macro-nutritional plan
  3. Flexible meal generator that lets you build a plan specific to your goals
  4. Weight, measurement, and before/after photo tracking to measure success
  5. Weekly newsletters
  6. Access to Macrostax private facebook group
  7. Access to a special challenge facebook group specifically for you guys
  8. Live Q&A with one of the Macrostax team members prior to challenge kick off (with a minimum of 20 participants)
  9. Around-the-clock support for participants through email, facebook or live chat within the app

In the meantime, contact me with any questions!  Also talk to Cheyenne, she has used Macrostax and is sisters with Lindsey Jenks, the owner of the company and she has a lot of experience with it.

Injury Prevention

2 min per side:
Smash IT band
Smash piriformis
Pigeon pose

Workout of the Day

125/100 cals AB

*15 min cap

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

  • William Piacenti

    Hi Will! The new site looks great! How do you sign up for the Macrostax challenge? I didn’t see a link to register. I’m in! P.S. Doritos are so good!