Tuesday – 122314

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[box]In case you don’t have Facebook and you weren’t aware, the community event for the month of December is a Solar Bears game!  If we get enough people (24) we are going to get our own box, tickets would be $34/person. Otherwise, we will get individual tickets on the center ice for $31/person, and all seats will be next to each other.  If you don’t have FB and plan to attend, please let us know at the gym![/box]

4 rounds NOT for time:
15 weighted sit-ups
10 weighted hip extensions
One arm farmer’s walk (length of gym with KB or DB in one hand, switch hands for way back)

You choose the weight on all the movements, challenge yourself!

Workout the Day
Since we all know what is coming Wednesday:

10 rounds:
250 meter row

Rest 30 seconds after each interval

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.