Tuesday – 120214

chey at gauntlet
Chey during the squat snatch/lateral bar burpee WOD at the Gauntlet.

3 rounds not for time:
6 Strict burpees
8 Squat jumps with empty barbell
8 PVC shoulder dislocates
10 Walking lunge hip flexor stretch (5 each leg)

Workout of the Day
3 rounds:
In 8 minutes, run 800 meters. Then in remaining time:
Perform AMRAP of
5 Squat cleans (135/93)
10 Handstand push-ups
30 Double-unders

Rest 3 minutes in between rounds.  If you cannot run 800 meters in 4 minutes or less, you will run 600 meters.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.