Tuesday – 012616

If you see Coach Keith around, make sure and tell him congratulations. He and Gigi are getting married this weekend!
In 3 minutes, perform AMCAP on the Assault Bike.
Rest 30 seconds
Go right into
EMOM for 10 minutes:
Perform one unbroken set of chest-to-bar pull-ups.

How many calories and how many total pull-ups you get will be your score for this first part.  If you can’t do pull-ups very well, you will just do AMRAP in the first 30 seconds of each of those minutes.  Band pull-ups are allowed for this EMOM.

Workout of the Day
3 rounds for time:
15 Bar facing burpees
15 Deadlifts (225/153)
15 Handstand push-ups

This workout is capped at 15 minutes, scale accordingly!

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.