Thursday – 120111

“Game Time”


– Group Warm-Up –


– Kettlebell Swing Breathing Ladder –


– Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1 –


  • 1st breathing ladder, pretty fun, reinforced what I learned a while back, you can catch your breath on KBS is you focus on your breathing during the exercise

    FS:  135, 155, 185, 220, 255, 275, 285/f – came off the bottom good with the 285, got stuck at the hip drive, another inch and I would have stood up – my goal is 300 by my birthday

    • forgot to mention, 250 was my previous FS PR done April 2011, so 255 was a PR and 275 was a big PR

  • Anonymous

    185/1 front squat.
    I was laboring pretty hard by the end of the breathing ladder. It’s a lot of kb swings to do in a short period of time. Good breathing exercise though.

  • Michaela

    FS: 73/1, 83/1, 103/1-PR, 108/f, 108/f

    • Awesome job, Michaela!!! See!!! I told you you’d get a great PR!!! <3

  • Kettlebell WOD was fun.

  • FS: 103/1

    • damn, I missed that, I saw Michaela and Britt getting down b/w sets but I missed Bobby