Thursday – 080317

Sandy during one of the Assault Bike’s many appearances on a Saturday. Love them or hate them, they certainly make you more fit.

EMOM for 20 minutes:
In the 1st minute, perform 10 suitcase deadlifts on each arm (you choose the weight, can be done with KB or Farmer’s handles)
In the 2nd minute, perform 8 feet elevated ring rows.
In the 3rd minute, perform 50 seconds of an alternating thumbs up plank hold.
In the 4th minute, rest.

There is no score for this.  Go heavy on the suit case deadlifts.

Workout of the Day
For time:
100 air squats
1 lap around the “eX Loop”
100 kettlebell swings (53/35)

Does this look familiar? It should, this was last Friday’s workout! Beat your time! This workout is capped at 25 minutes.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.