Thursday – 052612

Final Training Day of the Week

Congratulations to Sweetie for Getting His First Muscle-Up!

[box] Hours for Regionals:
THURSDAY 4/26 – NO 4:00pm (All Other Classes are as Scheduled)
MONDAY 4/30 – NO 6:00AM


Every Other Minute For 10 Minutes:

Pose Run 200m


Workout of the Day



Squat Cleans (135#/93#)

Ring Dips


  • nice work Mike, you did it so easily one might think you’ve holding out on us

    WoD – 7:13 Rx PR (2:10 faster then my last visit from Elizabeth in Oct 2010)

  • Jay S

    17:30 Rx – First time doing Elizabeth Rx and happy I did it (until I just looked at Scawt’s time 🙂 I do think I could have broke 15 min if I had someone to compete with or push me. Lot of little “breaks”.

    I video’d myself and some interesting things. My back looked pretty good early on as did getting my elbows up and chest up during the squat(good for me:) Both deteriorated at points throughout the WoD. The biggest thing I observed is that I get no extension and basically reverse curled almost every rep. My arms start bending very early on in the lift and it causes me to catch the bar very high. Anyway, I look forward to getting some more coaching from the best three coaches in Orlando when I can get back in there…

    Now getting ready to start packing to cheer on Britt at Regionals. If you have never been to a CrossFit competition you should really consider heading down to check it out if possible. If any of you are going I will have a Canopy/tent set up in the Village area as soon as the gates open Sat morning and will be there all day (and most likely Sun morning). I will also have a propane grill, some chairs and a table so feel free to bring some grilling food or just come hang out between events or at any breaks in the action…

    GOOD LUCK BRITT!!! We are so proud that you are representing eXalted!

  • D_Vaughan

    WOD: 11:11 Rx PR’ed by 10 secs.
    First round of 21 cleans were the worst because my wrists were in a lot of pain. put wrist wraps on and the remainder of the WOD felt better and went faster. Looking forward to doing this one again.