Thursday – 051712

Simplicity is a Thing of Beauty

That’s Pretty Much All You Need to Know with Regard to Food



Back Squat

10 Minutes to Obtain 1RM


Workout of the Day

5 Rounds for Time:

10 Deck Squats

15 V-Ups

20 Shoulder Touches


  • Back Squat: 355 PR
    WoD: 11:11 Rx
    Longest string of shoulder touches before losing my balance was five. Most time only two before having to reset.

    • Scott

      That’s awesome Mike! You broke into the second half of the 300’s

    • Michaela

      Awesome job Polish!!!

  • Michaela

    Back Squat: 123/1, 143/1, 148/f, 145/f <— didn't go to full depth (thanks Yvie for keeping it real haha) 🙂

    WoD: 2 seconds after Petey… I don't remember the time lol

    • Any time, toots!!! You’re almost there and I know if you had more time today you would have gotten it!!!!

  • Back Squat: 213

    WoD: 14:18 Rx