Thursday – 020217

Two of eXalted’s Weightlifting team members Nadeem and sister Jo snatching under the watchful eye of coach Big D! The weightlifting team meets Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. They have their own programming from their state champion coach and get one on one coaching every session. Please e-mail us at if you think this is something you would be interested in for either yourself or your son/daughter.

Heavy/Skill EMOM
E2MOM (every 2nd minute on the minute) for 20 minutes, perform as fast as possible:
2 squat cleans (225/153)
40 double-unders
4 muscle-ups

There is no score for this, just practice the movements and move fast! Scale the squat clean to the heaviest squat cleans you have done in a workout here.  If you are strong, you might even want to scale the weight up! They should be done in singles, if you can touch and go it, you either went too light or are a beast and are Rx’ing the weight. Double-unders should be an amount you can handle for unbroken easily. If you can’t double-under, perform 50 single-unders instead. If you can’t do muscle-ups, you will do 4 straight arm ring pull-ups (Hannah style).  If that proves to be too difficult, you will grab a band and do 6 band assisted straight arm pull-ups instead.  The same movement I went over with you to help you improve your toes-to-bar kip.

Workout of the Day
Death by 10 meters!

Death by 10 meters.

Run 10 meters the first minute,
Run 20 meters the second minute,
Run 30 meters the third minute. . .

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.