Saturday – 121711

Cherry Pickers Beware

Kate Enjoys Rowing


Warm-Up: 1-Mile Run

Running “GRACE”

For Time:

30 Clean & Jerks (135#/93#)

1-Mile Run


  • Anonymous
  • Jay S

    13:16 Rx. First WoD in about 2 weeks. 3:59 Grace 1 second off my pr.

    See you all tonight!

  • Michaela

    Grace: 4:57 @73#

    WoD: 14:50 something?? I can’t remember

  • Anonymous

    ~16:24 WoD Rx with an 8:25 Grace. I finished Grace just under the 10min cap at Nuclear Winter this time last year so I’m improving.

  • D. Vaughan

    WOD: 13:18 Rx with a 5:38 Grace (ouch!) 7:40 mile = as Shauna says “no bueno”

  • had my bi monthly competition with 110% – we did Elizabeth (21-15-9 135# squat cleans, Ring Dips) but we decided to do the ring dips from the top of the muscle up – 9:40 Rx, did Elizabeth normal last year at 9:38 so this would have been a min or two PR w/out the twist of doing MU’s first

  • Chaunder/Dewey

    Did Grace in 6:30 whole WOD in 15:20

  • Did this at the Firebase with 800m runs on Friday. 11:56 with #155.