Monday – 030512


Kami & Tara – Hope You Ladies Have Permits for Those Guns

Reminder: eXalted will be closed this coming Saturday as we will be taking part in the Savage Race. If you’ve signed up to participate or want to come out and join us checkout the following link for details about this weekends event: 2012 Savage Race – Central FL. Also, as we will not be able to do the OPEN WoD as a group on Saturday we will be performing 12.3 on Thursday in place of the standard WoD.
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Death By:

Kettlebell Swings (55#/35#)


  • Press: 10/3 @ 140

  • Press: 103# (Don’t think I’ve done 2rm before ….)

    WoD: 23 + 17 Rx … PR?!!!

    The last time we did death by KB Swing, I got 19 + 11 … Pretty cool … didn’t think I would get that many rounds … I’m happy with it … although, my forearms are super tight right now and my arm shakes holding a cup of water. I was in my kitchen just staring at my arm shaking while I held a cup of water. This made me laugh … and thirsty, so I stopped staring and laughing and drank my water …

    • Michaela

      Awesome job tonight!! Totally worth the nerve damage! 🙂

      • LOL! Yeah!!! Who needs nerves anyway?! lol

  • Michaela

    Press: 63/2, 68/2, 73/f, 73/1

    Death by KBS: 22+17 Rx.

    I got my first HSPU from the floor tonight! Thanks Will for your help!

    Now on to those pesky muscle-ups to complete my top 3 goals for 2012! Ron gave me a goal date of May 2nd… I’m not quite sure what the consequence is if I don’t get it by then though…

    • Lori

      Good job Michaela! Missed being with all of you tonight! 😉

  • D_Vaughan

    Press: 145# x 2 PR

    WOD: 17 +15 Rx+ (70# KB swings)

  • 21+16 Rx