Monday – 011516

Have your goals changed? Getting a rope climb probably wasn’t one of them when you started. . .is it now?
12 minute EMOM:
Every odd minute, perform a 15/10 calorie sprint on the Assault Bike.
Every even minute, perform AMRAP ring dips as possible in 30 seconds.

Workout of the Day
How high can you go in 12 minutes?
1 Clean and jerk (155/108)
200 meter run
2 clean and jerks
200 meter run
3 clean and jerks
200 meter run
4 clean and jerks. . .

As you reach the end of the time, if you cannot finish a 200 meter run, do AMRAP of clean and jerks. If you finish the run, your score will incorporate that by having +200 after the number of rounds completed.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.