Friday – 070116

Please welcome one of our newest members, Natalie! Here she is performing weighted hip extensions, a great accessory movement for just about every lift we do.
There will be no scheduled classes Monday, July 4th.  BUT, stay tuned for open gym times.  Also, the Body Fat Testing truck will be here Saturday July 9th starting at 9 a.m.  To reserve your slot, please click here.  HAPPY JULY 4th EVERYONE!  Please be safe.

Strength/Strength WOD!
Push Press
In 15 minutes, find your 1 rep max.

Then, you have another 15 minutes to perform 3 sets of MAXIMUM reps push press using 65% of just attained 1RM.  You may rest overhead, but not in the rack position.  Rest as needed between sets, but all 3 sets must be completed in 15 minutes.  Score will be two part, max weight attained on the push press, and how many total reps @ whatever weight you used.

Workout of the Day
AMRAP in 10 minutes:
8 Front squats (135/93)
1 Rope climb

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.