Friday – 021017


 In case you missed it, here is Alana’s Ascent Protein surprise sponsorship video!

Activation/Injury Prevention
Courtesy of Legion Strength and Conditioning, 3 rounds:
1 minute of kneeling band resisted hip extensions.
Rest 2 minutes

Do these at a tempo. Slow back, explode up focusing on glute activation. Your buns should most definitely be burning doing this, don’t be afraid to use a thick band!  There is no score for this.

Workout of the Day
GHD sit-ups
Power snatches (75/53)

Rest 2 minutes


Calories on the Assault Bike
Ring push-ups

Each workout will have its own time.  Each workout is capped at 8 minutes.  That means everyone will start the 2nd workout at 10 minutes.  If you finish the first workout before the 8 minute cap, you have more rest.  For example, if it takes you 6 minutes to finish the first workout, you will have 4 minutes of rest because you won’t start the 2nd workout until the 10 minute mark.  For the first workout, if you aren’t doing GHD sit-ups, you are going to do twice as many Abmat sit-ups.  The snatches need to be light, big sets unbroken.  For the 2nd workout, LADIES will do 21-15-9 calories on the Assault Bike.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.