Friday – 010816

Wes has gotten significantly stronger since he became a member. Yesterday he managed to deadlift 275 for 3 reps in a snatch grip. His previous one rep PR was 265!
EMOM for 12 minutes:
Every odd minute, perform 14 pistols.
Every even minute, perform 3 touch and go power clean and jerks with a moderate weight.

Score is heaviest load completed for the TnG clean and jerks. Don’t go maximal on this, practice the cycling.

Workout of the Day
Courtesy of Wodapalooza: complete 2 rounds, EACH for time:
9 Bar facing burpees
12 Power snatches (115/83)
15 Thrusters
18 Calories on the Assault Bike

Rest 5 minutes between each round. Each round is a SPRINT!  If after the 2nd round you feel like you could do a 3rd. . .you didn’t go hard enough.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.