8PM Open Gym

Here at CrossFit eXalted we try our best to listen to our community. We strive to facilitate solutions where and when needs arise. In following suit with this practice we will be adding an 8pm Open-Gym class to our schedule. Beginning Monday, July 30th 2012 an 8pm Open-Gym slot will be available to all experienced members Monday-Thursday.


What Open-Gym Is:

A block of time where experienced (defined by having at least 3 months of CrossFit exposure, preferably with eXalted) members can work on skills & weaknesses, make up a previously missed WOD’s, perform their Wendler/Catalyst/Outlaw strength routines etc. This will all be done at your own “risk” so to speak as this block of time will be very loosely supervised.


What Open-Gym Isn’t:

A group class that is overseen by a coach or coaches. The 8pm time slot is my (Ron) personal training time. I will not be (unless otherwise stated) starting and stopping timers, counting reps, closely working on skills and drills with individuals etc. Obviously there may be some exception to this but it is not to be expected.


Our hopes are that by adding this Open-Gym format some members will be able to get more out of their week with regards to training. We all have lives which dictate what days and times we are able to make it into the box. We will run this 8pm class for a while to try it out, if it doesn’t work, it’s gone. If it’s a success, it stays.