Welcome and congratulations on becoming one of the newest Real eX Men!

Here is a quick rundown of things you need to know:


  1. The classes start on the hour and you can find our schedule of classes by clicking here.
  2. Please arrive early and be ready to start the class at the top of the hour, if you need to do any warm-up or mobility (you will learn what you need to work on as you go), please arrive BEFORE the hour and do that UNLESS we have it programmed into the workout.
  3. DO NOT ask coaches about the workout before we go over it, that drives us crazy.  There is a very high likelihood of answering your question in our workout description.
  4. That being said, if after the description you still aren’t sure, PLEASE ASK!  It is way more frustrating to start a workout and not know what is going on than to ask us a dozen questions before we start to make sure you understand it.    
  5. Every day the workout is published to our blog on the website here. We try and have the workout programmed and published a decent hour the night before, but that doesn’t always happen.  (I’m working on it!)  Check the workout so you know what you are doing and you can bring any equipment you might need.  That being said. . .


None of this is required, but I will rank them from most important to least important:

  1. Shoes!  You need to get a good pair of “CrossFit” shoes.  And yes, shoes exist strictly made for CrossFit.  Reebok makes the official CrossFit shoe called the Nano and you can find those online, in Dicks, or the Reebok Outlet.  Other popular options include Nike Metcons, No Bulls, or Inov-8’s.  I DO NOT recommend just buying any workout shoe that is not specifically made for CrossFit.  Normal “cross training” shoes are not made with weightlifting, burpees, or rope climbs (you will learn!) in mind.  
  2. Wrist wraps.  An issue for most people, especially men when they start is wrist pain until they stretch out and get stronger.  Wrist pain can be severely annoying but you can greatly mitigate it with wraps.  I recommend the cloth wraps that you have to twist to make tight.  
  3. Hand protection such has gymnastics grips (link to http://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-v2-gymnastic-grips).  You might not be doing a lot of pull-ups right now, but you will be hanging on the pull-up bar or gymnastics rings quite a bit which will do a number on your hands if you don’t have protection.
  4. Weightlifting shoes.  This might be towards the top on a lot people’s list but due to the cost of weightlifting shoes, I ranked them farther down.  If you get into CF and want to take it seriously, you MUST have a good pair of weightlifting shoes in order to improve your cleans, snatches, and squats.  Ask your coach why they matter, I don’t have the time to explain that on here.
  5. Jump rope.  It may seem silly, but as you improve and work towards getting double-unders, having your own rope will help.  Consistency is the key to learning and if every time you go to practice double-unders you are using a different rope, you are making the process more challenging on yourself.
  6. Rope climb protection!  When (and I mean WHEN) you start climbing the rope, you will need to protect your shins from rope burn.  Go to any sports store and purchase a neoprene calf sleeve.  Trust me when I tell say you DO NOT want to burn your leg coming down the rope!  Having correct shoes is also very important as CF style shoes are designed to grip the rope.  Also, trying to climb with conventional workout shoes is a sure fire way to destroy them in no time!


Part of joining eXalted, you have access to SEVERAL coaches who have a wealth of nutrition experience.  Just know we are here for you if/when you have any questions.  The rage right now is counting macros (IIFYM), we can teach you how to do this eventually, but for now stick to these basic guidelines:

    1. Clean up your diet a little bit, I think you know what you should decrease.  Don’t eliminate, but moderate dairy, processed carbohydrates, and sugar.  The only thing I EVER tell people they have to eliminate in their diet to lose weight and get healthy is. . .SODA.  That is the one and only substance I think should be completely done away with in your diet.  
    2. Try to drink water throughout the day.  When you get to the gym, your pee should be more clear than yellow.
    3. Try to eat around two hours before your workout.  Any longer and your blood sugar will be too low and you might get light headed, any closer and you might become nauseous during your workout.  The fitter you become, the less important this is.
    4. Your before meal should definitely have carbohydrates in it.  They are not the enemy.
    5. Low carb/ketogenic diets and CrossFit DO NOT MIX. . .STOP IT.
    6. EAT PROTEIN!  If you aren’t having a protein shake after your workouts, I can pretty much guarantee you are not getting enough protein.  For most people, BODYWEIGHT divided by 2.2 = Y.  THEN TAKE Y AND MULTIPLY BY 2.  Whatever number that is a good start for how many grams of protein you should be getting in a day.    
    7. For most people, your bodyweight X 13 is how many calories you should be getting in a day, especially if you are starting CF full time.  This is very general figure and may not apply to you.


  1. Please don’t speed through the parking lot, at any given time there are several dogs and/or children playing.  
  2. If you are on Facebook, please find the “CrossFit eXalted Member Group” and request to join it.  I post announcements, funny memes, general information, etc. . .in there.  Feel free to announce yourself and say how happy you are to be a part of the gym!
  3. Like us on FB and follow us on IG to see when the WOD gets posted.
  4. Take care of your hands, you will get some calluses, this not the end of the world, but in order for you to maintain your hand health, you need to keep them under control with a ped egg or a callus shaver.  The flatter/smoother your calluses are, the less likely they will rip.  
  5. If you have questions about supplements, ask us!  We sell supplements in house and they are only ones that we would use ourselves.  
  7. LAST but not least: