Wednesday – 121411

Santa’s Getting Ready For Next Week

Check Out Those Standards


Gymnastics Warm-Up


Muscle-Up Practice


3x 5 Minute Rounds For Max Reps: Muscle-Ups

(2 Minute Rest Between Rounds)




  • Chawnder/Dewey

    Dear God this is going to be a awesome work out =D

  • anon

    WHOO! IT’S CHAWNDER DEWEY!!! I spell it Chaunder….

  • WoD: 36 Rx, my upper body is pretty burnt b/w Cindy and yesterday

  • Anonymous

    Been getting more and more confident in my double unders lately. But not today. I was stringing 2 or 3 together, if I was lucky. I think I got 6 once.
    Then I was reminded that I tweaked something in my shoulder during max bench on Monday when I tried my first muscle up.
    Oh well, at least I got a great ab workout in today!

  • Chawnder/dewey

    33 did I do it right

  • Britt

    warmup 150 dubs for time w/ 10 sit-ups every time you miss or rest – 1:51 (145 unbroken PR)
    41 muscle-ups total 17-12-12
    side note: did my first bar muscle-up after seeing that Ronnie really could do one lol

  • Michaela

    Warm-up: 104 DU

    WoD: 100 band dips

    Then practiced handstands and finally got one!

  • Warm-Up: 3:06 Rx
    WoD: 19 (7-7-5)

  • D. Vaughan

    WU: not sure of exact finish time 2:30-2:59 range
    Strung the DU’s as follows: 74-99-128 (3 total mistakes) it was 10 abmat sit-ups for each mistake.

    WOD: 21 Rx (10-7-4)

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