Wednesday – 120711

The Bear

Courtesy of CrossFit Central


Group Warm-Up


The Bear Complex

7 Sets of the Following Sequence:

1x Power Clean

1x Front Squat

1x Push Press

1x Back Squat

1x Push Press

Repeat This 5 Times

(The Object is to NOT Let Go of the Bar)


One Mile Run For Time



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  • Warm Up: Press – 140/5, 150/3, 160/1

    Bear Complex – 95, 140 (the 140 set took me over 4 minutes, lol, basically it took me longer then Fran to do one set)

    skipped the mile – still battling the respiratory cold

    Post WoD strength:  Clean DL – 2 sets of 315/3, Clean Pulls – 2 sets of 155/3

  • Anonymous

    Well that was deceptively terrible.

    • Scawty

      Did that little bear bite you in the ass?

      • Anonymous

        No, it was a sneaky “7 reps of torture” bear!

  • Michaela

    Bear Complex: 5 rounds @ 53#

    Mile run: 7:14 PR

  • Bear 5 rds @ 83#

    Run: um … I think it was like 1 million years … I actually can’t even remember. I do know it’s one of the longest miles I’ve ever run. It was a miserable run/walk/hobble but I was able to run the second 800m non-stop, so that wasn’t so bad. Going straight from bear to run was not pleasant. I suspect that I will feel the 70 presses in my shoulders tomorrow. 

  • Britt

    first time doing the Bear did sets at 53# – 73# – 93# – 100#
    mile run 7:13 🙁

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