Wednesday – 111616


Peter touching his chest to the bar.

Injury Prevention/Mobility
Complete without partitioning:
30 dip shrugs in the rings
accumulate 2 minutes of handstand hold
40 lateral mobility lunges (20 each side, 2 second pause in the bottom, nice and slow)

Workout of the Day
Every fifth minute for 5 rounds:
Row 25/18 calories
400 meter sprint

Each round needs to be fast!  The focus here is the running.  If you think you will have a hard time completing the task in the 5 minute round, cut the calories down on the rower, but try to complete the 400 ever time.  Just like last week, work on pacing, work on forcing yourself to run faster than you might normally do in a workout.  If you can’t run, do the same protocol but do 20/15 calories on the Assault Bike to start and finish on the rower.  Record each round separately. You score will be the average time of all 5 rounds. MATH! Convert your times into seconds, add them all together, divide by 5, convert back into minutes.  MATH!

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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