Wednesday – 102914

ryan at iron curtain

Ryan during the max hang clean event at the Iron Curtain.

Injury Prevention
Mobilize front rack position, 3 minutes on each arm. Then:
3 rounds for quality:
4 Turkish get-ups (2 on each arm)
10 Kettlebell bent over rows with a one second pause at top
10 Barbell good mornings with weight (goal here is get a good stretch, not heavy load)

Workout of the Day
EMOM for 20 minutes:
Minute 1: Assault Bike
Minute 2: Strict Burpees
Minute 3: Strict pull-ups
Minute 4: 10 Meter shuttle run

The goal for this EMOM is to keep moving, but at a good pace. This is not scored. That does not mean we aren’t sweating at the end of this. Pacing is the key here. Consider this active recovery with some built in gymnastics. At no point during this EMOM should you go so hard you need to stop and rest. If you can’t do pull-ups, you will do hard jumping pull-ups so as not to waste any time getting into or out of a band.

You may also make up a WOD you missed or work on weaknesses.

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