Wednesday – 101216


Leslie is back, working hard, and looking lean! How about you? Are you going to #earnyourweekend?

Injury Prevention
Run 800 meters, then finish NOT PARTIONED:
50 Protract/retract push-ups on your elbows (1 second pause in the bottom, 1 second pause at the top)
40 Weighted Hip extensions on the GHD (go heavy, build strength)
30 Double kettlebell overhead squats (elevate heals if necessary, but not too much, challenge the mobility of your hips)

Accumulate a 2 minute hang completely surrendering the shoulders with the head through, this is a stretch.
As a class, we will spend 2 minutes on each leg doing the couch stretch since a lot of you missed it last week.

Workout of the Day
For time:
100 burpees

This is capped at 10 minutes.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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