Wednesday – 100913

Rob Orlando and Brittani after she just finished "Log Grace."

Rob Orlando and Brittani after she just finished “Log Grace.”

For Quality (a.k.a. NOT for time), courtesy of Carl Paoli of Gymnastics WOD:
Hold L-sit for two minutes. If you can’t L-sit, do an L-Hang.
Hold top of ring push-up for two minutes. (turn the rings out!)
Hold superman for two minutes. (feet and chest come off the ground)
Hold plank position for two minutes.

These are difficult midline exercises, don’t get overzealous. Scale to do doing only one minute of each if you struggle with these. Get used to stuff like this, a lof of unique strength programming coming your way over the next coming weeks for Wednesdays.

Weakness Training
After completing the strength WOD, get some coaching or work on a weakness. No EMOM planned for today however if that is what you want to do, then by all means. . .

Remember, a lot of first muscle-ups, first rope climbs, and/or first handstand push-ups have been accomplished on Wednesdays the past month or so.

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