Wednesday – 091714

Coach Will watching his 7 o’clock intros as they push through the intro workout. At eXalted, your first day is a complete evaluation and assessment to pinpoint your exact fitness level so we know from the beginning what your strengths and weaknesses are. You are then put through a 6 to 8 minute workout that is tailored to you.  A good CF gym will make sure your workout is effective, but doesn’t paralyze you for days afterwards.

Weakness Training
This will be old school Weakness Wednesday format. Pick two movements that you need to practice. You will then do a 14 minute EMOM alternating between the two movements. Got stuck in the bottom of your clean? Try some pause or one and a quarter front squats. Learned how to climb the rope last week and want to practice? etc. . .Unless you are a new member, DO NOT ask your coaches what you should do! We all have a plethora of weaknesses to choose from.

Workout of the Day
Row 1000m
30 TTB
Row 750m
25 TTB
Row 500m
20 TTB

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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