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Slight change this week and upcoming weeks.  I’ve been hearing some grumbling about Wednesdays not having a “WOD” programmed.  Also I’ve noticed with my programming we need to do more shorter, more intense workouts.  SO in an effort to kill two birds with one stone, Wednesdays will now have a workout programmed!  That workout will never be longer than 10 minutes and will have a focus on intensity with low skill.  So expect to see workouts like. . .AMRAP in 8 minutes of 8 power cleans and 8 burpees.  Also, this will be the day we will do more Assault Bike intervals, rowing intervals, death bys. . .etc.  We will still have injury prevention work and mobility.

Injury Prevention/Mobility
3 rounds for quality:
20 single arm overhead upside down kettlebell lunges. 10 in left arm/10 in right arm.
15 straight arm lat pull-downs
1 minute alternating arm raises while holding plank

Perform one set of 20 wall squats.
Spend 3 minutes performing the band assisted overhead bench stretch.

Workout of the Day
10 rounds:
30 seconds max calories on the rower
30 seconds rest

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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