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  • We have reached the minimum pre-order amount for the WOD shorts!  IF you would like to get a pair, you MUST have your order in by September 8th.  We absolutely cannot alter the order after that date!
  • The Throwdown Fitness Festival is a BIG competition being held in Tampa on September 14th and 15th.  We have a studly team going to represent consisting of Will, Josh, Mike Honey, Brittani, Cheyenne, and Erin.  We of course would love to see some of you come down for support.  Spectators are free!
  • Monday is Labor Day and we will only have one class at 10 a.m.  This class/WOD is very important because for the WOD, we will be doing the “Hotshots 19” workout to remember the 19 Hotshot firefighters who lost their lives June 30th, 2013 while fighting a wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona.
  • CrossFitters around the world are getting together and donating to help the families of the fallen firefighters.  The best way to donate money is to go the Hotshots 19 website and donate.  If you would like to give us a check or cash and want us to donate for you, we can do that.  Please consider donating to these families.

5 rounds not for time:
5 Strict handstand push-ups (deficit if possible)
10 Strict pull-ups
15 V-ups

Even though it is not for time, you will be capped at 20 minutes.

Weakness Training
Standard EMOM procedure. Two movements that are weak and alternate between them. Once again, plenty to choose from: rope climbs, double-unders, pistols, snatch, overhead squats, muscle-ups, running, etc. . .Don’t forget, today is the day to learn something if you have never been taught, but have always wanted to learn.  It is perfectly acceptable on these days to ask a coach to learn something and practice it rather than do the workout if you would like.

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