Wednesday – 082416


Eric working on his pulling strength with some supinated pull-ups yesterday.

Injury Prevention/Midline
On your own row 1000 meters, then 3 rounds not for time:
10 GHD barbell rows with a 1 second hold at the top.
10 Double kettlebell overhead squats, make sure you are full ROM!
15 Protract/retract push-ups with a 2 second hold in the down and up position.


Accumulate 2 minutes of an L-sit hold in gymnastics rings.
Spend 2 minutes on each leg performing a hip flexor stretch against the pull-up rig.

The GHD barbell rows should be VERY challenging.  Most of you will not use very much weight at all.  The focus should be on maintaining flat 180 angle out of the GHD, NOT how much weight is on the barbell.  If you don’t have enough mobility to do the kettlebell overhead squats, I recommend putting plates or something under your heel until it allows you to reach full depth in the squat.  PLEASE NOTE, even though elevating your heel should help you get depth, the movement should not be easy.  If it becomes too easy, you elevated your heels too much.  Do the protract/retract push-ups ON YOUR ELBOWS and make sure you are working hard to squeeze shoulder blades together and apart.  I would prefer everyone try to do the L-sit in the rings, if that means you can’t hold your legs out, that’s ok.  Focus on trying to maintain a 90 degree angle at your hips.  Scale this down to the parallettes, or down to an L-hang if you have a hard time holding yourself up.

Practice skills and/or make up a workout you missed. These days should be embraced as we all have skills that hold back our fitness that need to be addressed. Today is the day to finally get your first rope climb, learn muscle-up progressions, or kip those toes-to-bars. Or you can come in and make up a workout from earlier in the week. The choice is yours.

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