Wednesday – 081716


Rob O’s son, Matt came in last Saturday and teamed up with Caleb for another Saturday team WOD.

Injury Prevention/Mobility
800 meter run, then complete, NOT for time:
30 Rig supported band rows with a one second pause.
200 meter single arm farmer’s carry right hand, 200 meter single arm farmer’s carry left hand.
Accumulate a 3 minute handstand hold, focus on staying hollow and aggressive, active external rotation in the shoulder.

Spend 3 minutes on each arm doing modified archer stretch.

Practice skills and/or make up a workout you missed. These days should be embraced as we all have skills that hold back our fitness that need to be addressed. Today is the day to finally get your first rope climb, learn muscle-up progressions, or kip those toes-to-bars. Or you can come in and make up a workout from earlier in the week. The choice is yours.

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