Wednesday – 062117

Sisters Marie and Katie doing my new favorite stretch, the “Lunging Archer.” I’m working on the name.  Their right hand is being pulled up their back stretching the front of the shoulder capsule and the lung of course is meant to lengthen the hip flexor.

Max Rep Muscle-ups for those who can!  Establish a max, all out, unbroken set and then choose your practice after that.  Everyone else will go through some drills and skills to help you improve/move towards getting a muscle-up.  If you can do muscle-ups but can’t string any together, you can work with a coach on improving them OR perform an EMOM for a good amount of time, trying to do a certain amount every minute.  Most of you who can do MU’s but aren’t proficient at them yet have the same problem: leaving your hips up through the transition.   The progression might look something like this:

false grip / ring support / straight arm ring pull downs / ring dips / muscle-up rows (transition work) / muscle-up / multiple MU’s / no false grip MU / strict MU /weighted strict MU

Those exercises are listed from least skillful/difficult to most.  Figure out where you are on the continuum and work on it!  When all else fails, train the strict!  Strengthening the strict will always translate to improved kipping, but not the other way around.

Workout of the Day
Courtesy of CrossFit Linchpin:

E3MOM (Every 3rd Minute on the Minute) for 9 minutes (3 rounds):
15/12 calories on the Assault Bike
12 lateral bar burpees
9 clean and jerks (135/93)

SPRINT YOUR @$$ES OFF! No questions asked, just go.   You might as well skip this workout if you plan on not giving every round everything you got. Your score for this will be the time of each round. Everything should be unbroken.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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