Wednesday – 050416


Meghan going properly heavy with a two pood (70 lbs) kettlebell during yesterday’s swings.

This is day two of Hannah’s gymnastic seminars!  On today’s menu will be inversion 1: headstands, handstand holds, and intro to handstand push-ups.  It will be at 6 o’clock and remember Hannah is putting these seminars on as a way to of course help out the members with her expertise but also to help fund her trip to Atlanta for Regionals.  She is a full time CrossFit competitor and coach so going to Regionals means the world to her.  Those of you struggling with handstand push-ups, especially of the kipping variety CANNOT miss this!

Practice skills and/or make up a workout you missed. These days should be embraced as we all have skills that hold back our fitness that need to be addressed. Today is the day to finally get your first rope climb, learn muscle-up progressions, or kip those toes-to-bars. Or you can come in and make up a workout from earlier in the week. The choice is yours.

At 35 minutes past the hour, we will put on ROMWOD. I highly encourage you NOT to skip this and see what it is all about. Most of these sessions last around 20 minutes and can benefit you tremendously. Those of you who have been asking about yoga, stretching, or a mobility class should all be doing this on a regular basis. ROMWOD has taken the competitive CrossFit world by storm and some of the top athletes CrossFit and non CrossFit alike are doing it.  Also, don’t forget flexibility is one of the 10 domains of fitness as defined by CrossFit.

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