Wednesday – 040412

What is Your Excuse Today?

86-Year Old Johanna Quaas Sets Record as World’s Oldest Gymnast

Workout of the Day

Snatch Balance


Workout of the Day

For Time:


Overhead Squats (115#/73#)

Elevated Pushups

Hang Power Cleans (115#/73#)



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  • Snatch Balance – 65, 95, 115, 135/ff, 135, 145, 155/f (out of time), this was a tough one to check my ego card and work speed to the bottom, I definitely could have added 60 lbs by snatch push jerking into an OHS, thanks to coach Will for stopping me from doing that.  On a side note, Ricky had the greatest fail of all time today doing this. He came out unharmed which is why I can’t stop laughing about it. Ricky you owe us some money from the dent your head made in the mats, but don’t worry, we will autodebit your card, it will appear on your billing statement under the charge name, “failure of epic proportions”

    WoD – 16:40 Rx, I have never underestimated the difficulty of a WoD more than this one, it was sneaky

  • Michaela

    Snatch Balance: 33/f, 15/1, 33/1, 43/1, 53/f, 53/1

    WoD: DNF @ 45# 20 min time cap

  • D_Vaughan

    Snatch Balance: 65/1, 85/F, 95/F, 95/1, 115/F

    WOD: 11:49 @ 95#

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