Wednesday – 020514



  • From here on out, Wednesdays will be structured with mobility and injury prevention techniques only.  The first half or so of the class will be dedicated to mobilizing a certain area of the body or performing injury prevention exercises.  
  • The second half will still be the typical “Weakness Wednesday” for you to sharpen up your skills or do a workout you missed.
  • We have had a demand for mobility/flexibility classes and until we can accommodate such requests with a separate dedicated class, this is how we will fulfill that need.
  • We are not just going to be doing run of the mill stretches, we are going to go over the latest techniques in myofascial release via tissue smashing and how to get more out of your stretching by using band distractions, oscillation, etc. . .

Today’s focus will be on the posterior leg.  That includes smashing and stretching the gastroc/achilles and hamstrings.

Weakness Training

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