Wednesday – 010814


Nataly demonstrating nice and high elbows during a heavy front squat.

Plyometric warm-up
2 Rounds:
Single Unders for 1 minute
Single Leg Rebounding Box Jumps (low height) -10 each leg
10 Tuck Jumps – focus on limiting ground contact
10 180 Lunge Jumps – focus on balance

Plyometric Power
Max height one step jump.

This is essentially testing the same thing as a max height box jump. However, this will work a little differently. You will have a PVC pipe laying across two boxes that you must jump over. This will be much safer if you don’t make it, but will still be similar to the box jump. Also with this movement, we will allow you to take one step before you jump.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Weakness Training
Time to get coached!  It has been a couple of weeks since we had a Weakness Wednesday so work on that rope climb, kipping pull-up, muscle-up, etc. . .

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