Wednesday – 010615


Joe G is back!

Chest-to-bar Progression
7 sets of 6 pull-ups with 60 seconds rest

EMOM for 32 minutes:
Perform 12 toes-to-bar the first minute
Perform 15 push-ups the second minute
Perform 15/10 calories on the Assault Bike the third minute
Rest the 4 minute

There is no score for this EMOM.  Your goal is to do each movement as fast as possible and unbroken.  If you can’t do that, that is ok, but still strive to get all the reps in that minute.  If you are good at toes to bar, try doing 15 every round.  If you are good at push-ups, consider trying ring push-ups or up the reps to 20 per round.  15 calories on the AB will be plenty for everyone though.  Either way, this EMOM should get challenging towards the end.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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