We Love Running…Right?

What kind of wheel are you?

Running Drills
3RFT  (Three Rounds for Time)
25 Hand-release Push-ups
20 Box Jumps 24/20
15 T2B (Toes To Bar)
10 Walking Lunges (Each Leg)
400m Run




  • Mare

    WoD: 25:50 – push-ups on knees, knees to elbows. I’m going to be feeling that tomorrow!

    • Scott Mac

      congrats Mare, that is a tough first legit workout!!!!

  • 20:12 Rx

    so, I really thought I’d do ok on this one minus the T2B, but, yea…I’m a little more de-conditioned than I thought it would seem.

  • D-Rex

    39:17 Rx

  • Brittani

    18:31 Rx
    I’m ready for a little oly lifting and strength tomorrow!

    • D-Rex

      !!!!!! =D

    • Yvie

      Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! ^_^

  • Yvie

    39:54 Rx-
    (did 8 knee-ups on my last set of toes-to-bar)

  • Scott Mac

    Warm Up – Wendler OHS, 110/5, 130/5, 145/8

    WoD: 16:52 Rx or by Brittani time it is 16:53-16:54 🙂

  • LawPhil

    26:15 (knee ups)

  • Julian

    26:33 RX

  • Krystal


    Gonna be honest. Mother freaking hated this! I know, positive attitude, blah, blah, blah. 😛

    Push-ups: 1st round did knee push-ups, 2nd and 3rd, used the rings.

    Did knee-ups instead of toes to bar.

    It sucked, but I was proud as hell to finish. Can’t wait to kick this workout’s ass next time around, rather than vice versa. 😉

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