Tuesday – 121311

Best Way To Reduce Health Risks?

Imagine That


10 Min. EMOM – 3 Deadlifts @60%


For Time:

Run 800M

15 Bar Burpees

15 Deadlifts (185#/123#)

15 Pistols (Total)

Run 600M

12 Bar Burpees

12 Deadlifts

12 Pistols

Run 400M

9 Bar Burpees

9 Deadlifts

9 Pistols



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  • 10 min DL EMOM @ 255lbs

    WoD: 15:39 Rx – this sinus/chest congestion is getting old, it is really limiting my breathing, on the bright side, my VO2 rating has to be getting better, can’t wait till I can breath normal again!!!!

  • Britt

    EMOM @ 190#
    19:08 men’s Rx ….. oh yea, no counterweight or heel prop on pistols aka REAL RX 😉 (Scott, Will, Adam, Aaron….)

    • whoa, whoa, whoa….slow it down there lady.  I asked the big man if a counter weight was Rx and he gave me the thumbs up, he volunteered the plate under the foot.  I would be fool to turn it down

      • nice work though, doing the mens weight!!  Way to emasculate the entire male member base, very Katie Hogan of you

      • Britt

        yes of course Will still considers it Rx – he does it too!! lol you know I’m just messin’ with you guys

  • Michaela

    I was so excited to see this work-out today since Ive been struggling with keeping my back tight during these DL!!

    I started with good mornings @ 33/7, 53/7, 63/7, 68/6

    EMOM: @73…

    WoD: 17:22 @ 83# DL and assisted pistols…

    …and then on to snatch practice which I also struggle with!! All in all a very productive night! 🙂

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