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Alana Jordan is Ascent Protein’s next surprise sponsored athlete. Thank you to everyone who came out last Thursday to help us surprise someone who unquestionably deserved this honor. Stay tuned for the full video to be released soon. Check out the FB page to look at the rest of the photos taken by Luke Tevebaugh at the reveal!

If you aren’t on Facebook, chances are you will not see a post I’m going to make about an offer that extends to current members only that involves paying a year up front at a discount.  For more details, please contact Will directly if this is something that interests you.  The offer will be extended to non members in the coming weeks so watch out for that.

muscle snatch + 3 power position power snatches with a 3 second pause in the catch position

Compare to 102016

Workout of the Day
In 20 minutes, you will perform
2k Meter Row
then at the 13 minute mark, everyone will start a 7 minute AMRAP of
8 deadlifts (185/133)
8 lateral bar burpees

How much rest you get in between the 2k row and the AMRAP is determined by how fast you row the 2k!  The deadlifts should be 8 unbroken every round no matter how tired you are.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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