Tuesday – 102511

“Doin’ Push-Ups!”

Manny Adams is My New Hero


Hang Squat Snatch 1-1-1


Row 500M



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  • Michaela

    50# hang squat snatch
    2:05 500m row

  • 130#
    no row – quads are uber sore from wendler front squat, death by OHS, and wall ball yesterday

  • No Hang Snatch (pinky swollen)
    500M Row: 1:25.5

  • Hang Snatch: 105# PR!!!!

    500m Row: 1:58.2 … I believe…

    I cannot begin to express how friggin ecstatic I am about my PR!!! 1) It’s just 3 lbs off of my 1RM for my snatch. 2) I’ve been stuck at 93# for the HSS for a looong time!!! =D Suuuper eXcited!!! AND the universe totally knew I was high on my PR because I went to Publix & my grassfed ground beef rang up for the wrong price so I got it FREE! Yahooooo!

  • Anonymous

    125# Hang Squat Snatch.
    1:39.9 5K Row

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