Tuesday – 100411

How Much Are You Giving It?


Phil-Throttle Doing What He Does…Going All Out.


Shoulder Mobility


EMOM For 10 Mins: 2x Snatch Pulls








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  • Scott Mac

    Congrats to Phil for not only getting into a HS against the wall for the first time yesterday but for then immediately trying a free standing HS. Phil is going to excel real fast because of his all out try anything mentality. Nothing better than having a personality like Phil around the box.

    • Phil Throttle

      Thanks Scott…means a lot, I have an amazing time every time I am in the box, and love the community and comradery we are all building.

  • Good work yesterday on getting into your first handstand hold Phil! Stick with us kiddo, many more to come.

    • Phil Throttle

      Everyday Im HUSTLIN’! HUSTLIN’! HUSTLIN’! lol

  • Scott Mac

    snatch pulls emom for 10 min @ 145#

    Annie – 8:42Rx, I looked up my last Annie on July 11, I did it in 5:49, so it was fun but not my best day today, going to focus on the DU’s again during warm up

  • Yvie

    Snatch Pulls emom @ 93#

    Annie – 9:24 Rx – PR

    Yippee skippee!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Rob O

    115# snatch pulls. By the end, my technique started feeling better and better. Bring on the snatches!

    Annie: 9:50Rx PR

  • Bigweezyproject

    I heart Annie.

    Hello eXalted ones πŸ™‚

  • Julian

    Snatch pulls at 95. probably shoulda gone a little heavier.
    WOD – 8:24RX (first time ever doing Annie)
    Was pretty cool to come back, after yet another week gone, to a benchmark WOD. Looking forward to getting back into routine.

  • Brittani

    snatch pulls @ 103

    Annie 5:35 PR-first time getting sub 6 I believe BUT i feel like i cheated because I had my heels on the edge of the mat

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