Tuesday – 061714

Head coach Will Blackburn PR’s his thruster at 325# five months removed from recovering from an old back injury.  eXalted has a lot of experience of helping people recover from old/nagging injuries, especially when it comes to lower backs, shoulders, and knees.

400 meter run (focus on midfoot strike, forward lean high turnover rate, etc.), then
3 rounds not for time:
20 Walking lunge hip flexor stretches (10 each leg, hold stretch for 5 seconds)
15 Hip extensions (use weight if possible)
10 PVC shoulder dislocates

Workout of the Day
EMOM for 20 minutes:
Every odd minute, perform 10 burpees
Every even minute, get AMRAP of calories on the rower in the first 30 seconds of the minute.

The burpees will be scaled as needed to make sure you can work the entire 20 minutes.  Your score is total calories rowed over the EMOM.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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