Tuesday – 041817

Mego levitating!

Find your 3 rep max.
E2MOM (Every 2nd Minute on the Minite) for 20 minutes, perform 3 thrusters, going AHAP. This will be from the floor.

Work your way up over the course of the E2MOM.  As with the other E2MOM’s we have done, remember one of the ways we build strength is by doing a good amount of volume at heavy weight. We don’t build strength by doing 8 light rounds and then making huge jumps and making only the last two rounds challenging, that’s how we get hurt.  You might find a truer 3RM this way, but haven’t built much strength on the way there.

Workout of the Day
3 rounds for time:
25 toes-to-bar
25 back squats (135/93)
75 double-unders

This workout is capped at 20 minutes, scale the toes-to-bar accordingly.  A good way to scale this is to select a number just above the most amount of T2B’s you have done in a workout before and divide that by 3.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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