Tuesday – 041514



Your mens and women’s teams at RAID games over the weekend! The men took second and the women took first! Competition season is picking up and if you are someone who is looking to be more competitive in the sport of fitness, I think you know where you need to be!

Workout of the Day
With a running clock,

AMRAP in 5 minutes of of 5 unbroken front squats (225/153)
Rest 3 minutes, then at the 8 minute mark,
AMRAP in 4 minutes of lateral bar burpees
Rest 3 minutes, then at the 15 minute mark,
3 rounds for time:
15 Hang power snatch (135/93)
30 Sit-ups
50 Double-unders

Yes, the front squats are from the floor.  Scale the double-unders to 3x as many single-unders.  The 3 rounds are capped 15 minutes.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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